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Pure essential oils are a truly wonderful gift of nature to be used and enjoyed in everyday life, and providing the necessary precautions are taken, they can be used by anyone with amazing effect in a multitude of ways. Here are just a few ideas.....

Method Dosage Description
BATH As directed
Max. 8 drops
Essential oils are ideally suited for use in the bath, either individually or blended. They may be used to soothe, relax, revitalize or as pure indulgence. Run a warm bath, add 4-6 drops and gently agitate the water to disperse the oils evenly. Keep the door closed to capture the aroma and enjoy a relaxing soak for 15-20 minutes, breathing deeply.

CAUTIONS: For sensitive skins, babies or young children reduce the dosage and dilute in a small amount of vegetable oil or a Meadow Sweet Base Bath product. Do not splash in eyes. Advisable to avoid Citrus oils, Cinnamon, Clove, Peppermint & Thyme.

SHOWER As directed
Max. 3 drops
After soaping rinse well. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil, mixed in a base oil, to a wet face-cloth or sponge and rub over your whole body briskly while under a warm jet spray, inhaling deeply through the nose to benefit from the aromatic steam.
SITZ BATH As directed
2-3 drops
Run a warm water bath to hip level. Add essential oils and swish around as well as possible.

CAUTION: As for bath & bidet.

FOOTBATH As directed
2-6 drops
Refresh tired feet by soaking for 20 minutes in a bowl of warm water containing chosen oils. Wrap in a warm towel for 10 minutes and finish with a foot lotion containing essential oils.
HAND BATH As directed
2-6 drops
Sprinkle the required number of drops of essential oil into a bowl of warm water and soak hands for about 10 minutes. Dry thoroughly and massage in a little vegetable oil, or cream using a few drops of the same essence.
JACUZZI 5 drops Same as for bath.
SAUNA 3 drops maximum per pint of water Add drops of essential oil to the water and throw over the heated sauna stones to evaporate.

CAUTION: Only use Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Pine as these three enter the body with inhalation and are believed to leave by perspiration. Never pour essential oil directly over a hot surface - essential oils are flammable!

MASSAGE OIL As directed
max. 5 drops to 1 teaspoon
Add essential oil to vegetable carrier oil and mix well.

CAUTION: For sensitive skins, babies or young children reduce the dosage. Test on a small area of skin for sensitivity before using.Never apply neat essential oils directly to the skin.

PERFUME Variable Simply dissolve in alcohol or carrier oil and apply to the body as you would a perfume.

CAUTION: Never apply neat essential oils directly to the skin.

FLOWER WATERS 20-30 drops to 100ml water Add essential oil to spring or de-ionised water, leaving it a few days in the dark and then filtering it using a coffee filter paper. Although essential oils do not dissolve in water they do impart their scent to it as well as their properties.
TISSUE / HAND-KERCHIEF 1 Drop Sniff when required.

CAUTION: Meadow Sweet Oils warn against direct contact of the essential oil with the nose or surrounding tissue.

STEAM INHALATION 2 - 3 drops Pour hot water into a bowl, add the oil, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl with your face about 10 inches away and your eyes closed. Breathe deeply through your nose for about one minute.
ROOM VAPORISERS 1-6 drops To create a wonderful aromatic atmosphere in your home try using an oil burner. Fill the bowl at the top with water and add a few drops of essential oil onto the surface. The candle in the pot beneath heats the water, slowly releasing the natural aroma into the room. Electric vaporisers (Aromastones) are also available from Meadow Sweet Oils.
WATER BOWL 1-9 drops Pour hot water into a small bowl, add essential oil. Close windows and doors and allow 5 - 10 minutes for the aroma to permeate the atmosphere. Replenish as required.
LIGHT BULB RINGS 4-6 drops Use the heat from light bulbs to release essential oils. Small ring burners, usually made of porcelain or terracotta sit over the top of the light bulb within a table-standing lamp. Add a few drops of oil and the heat from the bulb will gently vaporise the essential oil.

CAUTIONS: Always put the ring on the light bulb when it is turned off and cool and take care not to spill the essential oil onto the attachment as essential oils are flammable.

RADIATOR VAPORISERS 1- 8 drops Attach burner to the radiator by means of the magnets on the rear of the vaporiser. Add a few drops of oil (also add water if desired) and wait for the heat from the radiator to help the oil vaporise. Try one of Meadow Sweet's unique and pretty radiator vaporisers
HUMIDIFIERS 1-8 drops Add essential oil to the water.
ROOM SPRAYS 10 drops to 7 tablespoons of water Use a new plastic plant sprayer. Put in warm water and the required amount of essential oil. One tablespoon of vodka or pure alcohol added to the solution will act as a preservative. (Optional). Shake well and spray around the room avoiding polished wooden furniture, velvet and electrical appliances.
CANDLES 2 - 3 drops Light the candle and wait until the wax begins to melt and then add the oils to the warm wax.

CAUTION: Avoid the wick as essential oils are flammable

WOOD FIRES 1 drop per log Sprinkle drops of Cypress, Cedarwood, Pine or Sandalwood over the logs to be used about an hour before lighting the fire and then burn them to release your favorite aroma.
POTPOURRI 1-6 drops Add a few drops of an appropriate flowery or spicy essential oil to refresh tired potpourri, or to make your own. For lasting effect, add to potpourri, place in a sealed plastic bag and store overnight in the airing cupboard.
PETS 1-4 drops For brushing coat - dampen bristles in a basin of water containing 3-4 drops of Tea Tree. Wipe paws clean with a cloth squeezed out in the same solution. For fleas use Red Thyme & Tea Tree in a collar or a spray or rinse.
POMANDERS 1-12 drops Hang porous terra cotta corked bottles in the wardrobe. The essential oil is absorbed by the clay and released slowly. Fill with the oils of your choice. Cedarwood may act as a moth repellent.
PILLOWS 1-3 drops Place a couple of drops of oil on a cotton wool ball and place it inside the pillowcase or beneath the pillow. Alternatively drop some oil directly onto the corner of the pillowcase. See Meadow Sweet Oils Aromatherapy Teddies.
SHOE RACK 1- 2 drops Freshen the cupboard with Lemongrass. Deodorise shoes with 2 drops of Pine or Parsley oil.
CARPET FRESHENERS 35-45 drops& 8 oz. bicarbonate of soda Put bicarbonate of soda into a polythene bag, then sprinkle with the essential oil and mix well. Seal the bag tightly and allow the aroma to permeate the soda for at least 24 hours. Sprinkle over the carpet, leave for 1/2 hr. before vacuuming.
SCENTED LINEN 15 drops to 125 mls of water Make an aromatic spray using refreshing oils such as Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium & Rosemary. Spray a fine mist over cotton and linen fabrics. Put in the airing cupboard to dry.
SCENTED DRAWER LINERS 40 drops to 50mls water To keep musty drawers fresh, line with essential oil impregnated wallpaper. Cut the wallpaper to size, then spray the underside with a strong aromatic solution in a plant mister. The drawer liner will need a refresher spray every 3 months or so on average.
HOT & COLD COMPRESSES 6 drops to 500mls water Add the oil to the hot water and place a small towel or piece of lint or cotton fabric, on top of the water. Wring out the excess and place the fabric over the area to be treated. Cover this with a piece of Clingfilm, then lightly bandage in place if necessary. Leave to cool and repeat. Same for cold, except use icy cold water and leave in place until it warms to body temperature.
HAIR CARE 1-6 drops The hair can also be enhanced by the use of a few drops of essential oil in the final hair rinse or added straight to a mild shampoo. Adding 5 ml of essential oil to 100ml vodka can make an alcohol-based scalp rub. Useful for lice and fleas. Alternatively add 3% essential oil to a nourishing base, such as olive oil with jojoba or sweet almond. Massage into the scalp and wrap in warm towels for two.

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